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Insight Meditation Practicing Clear Comprehension in accordance with the Mahasatipatthana Sutta
By Ven. Phra Acharn Dhammadharo Bhikkhu
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    Walking Posture

    While you are walking, your neck and your back should be straight, and your soles should move parallel to the floor, the eyes looking at the ground about 2 meters ahead. Observe the feeling under the sole at each step.

    Do not conceptualize in terms of moving the right or left legs, do not conceptualize lifting, moving or touching, but just obesrve the feeling at the sole (which you keep parallel to the floor at each step) or at the toes.

    After walking for a while, you will pick up the feeling. As you lift the sole from the floor, be aware of the slightly sticky feeling. Try to be mindful.

    Do not scatter your awareness around on other things in the environment, but concentrate your awareness on your soles and keep your vision strictly on the path.

    In this way, you will realise a lot of feeling, in your soles, rising to the legs, knees, trunk, and even to the head. Try to concentrate and observe the feeling which arises in each step.

    In walking meditation, observe the feeling while lifting the foot, moving the foot forward and stepping down onto the floor realizing the arising and ceasing of bodily-contact.

    When the knowledge is deeper and clearer, the meditator can realize mind-contact and other effects.

    The proper way to do walking meditation

    Lift the foot straight up with the sole parallel to the floor, lifting heel and toes at the same time. Move the foot with the toes pointing directly in the direction of movement, and not outwards, Plant the foot down with the heel and the toes reaching the ground simultaneously.
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