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Insight Meditation Practicing Clear Comprehension in accordance with the Mahasatipatthana Sutta
By Ven. Phra Acharn Dhammadharo Bhikkhu
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    Sitting Posture

    When beginning the practice, fix your awareness and concentrate it in the palm or at the fingertips, Initially, you may not be aware of any feeling there, but after continuing the practice a while, sensations will be felt such as a feeling of warmth in the palm or fingers, or a vague thrill like an electric flux in the fingers, palm, or arm.

    Any such feeling arises and ceases from moment to moment. When you become aware of such feeling, you should then concentrate your mind continuously on the feeling. The more intensely you concentrate, the stronger will the feeling become.

    The feeling will then gradually extend along the arm towards the chest. When it does reach the chest, you may note various other kinds of sensation arising; the chest may feel tight or stiff, or you may feel a headache or dizziness.

    The prickling sensation in the chest may feel like something pricking in and out very rapidly in the center of the chest.

    Concentrate on this feeling. Even if you feel that it hurts, try to comprehend it - do not stop. The more you concentrate on it, the stronger will the feeling become.

    The prickling sensation in the chest will subsequently be felt to pierce straight through to the back, and from there, to move upward like a blowing wind to the back of the head, the top of the head, the forehead, the eyebrows, to emerge from there.

    When these sensations are observed, you may also feel pain in the head. Do not, however, stop concentrating.

    Apart from the sitting, one can practice meditation in other postures. One can practice meditation standing, walking, lying down, and even while performing miscellaneous other minor movements of the body.

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